Polled Hereford Bull


Hereford Cattle

Polled Hereford Bull and Polled Hereford Heifers

Polled Hereford Bull and Heifers are available from the Fabb Herd. Our Herd was started with a Large Percentage of Imported Pedigree Polled Herefords. We decided to Start the Back Bone Of our herd with Genetics from Canada and North America. The was due to there easy Fleshing, plentiful milk and Lower inputs. We have imported a large number of  Heifers from Denmark over the past 3 years.

With help from these genetics we hope to improve our herd with  a mainly forage based diet.

This we feel is key to maintaining reduced costs while still maintaining growth.

The most important factor with producing a  Beef Animal is the economic viability. With the combination of top Hereford Genetics from the best Polled Hereford Bulls we hope to help maintain the Hereford position of being a top convertor of Grass to Beef!

If you Require further information please go to our Fabb Herd Page. www.fabbherd.com