Hereford Bull

Poll Hereford Bull, imported Canadian Genetics

Poll Hereford Bull

Hereford Bulls, young registered Poll Bulls. Unique bloodlines not often found on the Uk Poll Hereford Herd book. We have a wide variety of Bulls with genetics from Canada and Denmark. These offer promising prospect for both Commercial and Pedigree breeders alike.

The Fabb Herd has concentrated it efforts on trying to bring a range of different genetic to the UK herd Book. This has involved importing around 20 Poll Hereford Heifers and a Poll Hereford Bull. The combination of this and using mainly AI to serve cows and Heifers. This has enabled us to produce a herd with quite unique genetics. The main effort at this stage has been concentrated on Herefords with both Milk and Muscle.

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Polled Hereford Bull


Hereford Cattle

Polled Hereford Bull and Polled Hereford Heifers

Polled Hereford Bull and Heifers are available from the Fabb Herd. Our Herd was started with a Large Percentage of Imported Pedigree Polled Herefords. We decided to Start the Back Bone Of our herd with Genetics from Canada and North America. The was due to there easy Fleshing, plentiful milk and Lower inputs. We have imported a large number of  Heifers from Denmark over the past 3 years.

With help from these genetics we hope to improve our herd with  a mainly forage based diet.

This we feel is key to maintaining reduced costs while still maintaining growth.

The most important factor with producing a  Beef Animal is the economic viability. With the combination of top Hereford Genetics from the best Polled Hereford Bulls we hope to help maintain the Hereford position of being a top convertor of Grass to Beef!

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Polled Hereford Bulls for sale

Polled Hereford bulls for sale

Polled Hereford Bulls






Polled Hereford bulls for sale

Fabb Herd Polled Herefords

The Fabb Herd, always has Polled Hereford Bulls for sale. Offering a wide range of young bulls using imported Genetics. We have become great Fans of the Canadian Bull Global Force 7X, with his dark colour and Great Muscle. We first came across this bull when we imported a young Hereford Heifer. We decided to show this Heifer and won several Female Champion at various shows around the country.

Now having calves of our own on the ground, we have decided that Global Force 7X will be a Bull we use in our breeding program in the future.

Polled Hereford bulls like Global Force 7x offer somthing we couldn’t  find in a bull in the uk.

The Fabb Herd consists of around 70 Pedigree Hereford Cows, which we mainly served by AI. This enables us to use top genetics from around the world. We then cover these if unsucessful by one of our Stock bulls. Our two current stock bulls are Galaxy and Crossfire.

Both bulls have very different qualities that we hope will help the Fabb Herd Polled Herefords Progress in the right direction.


Tractor and Driver Hire Cambridgeshire

Tractor and Driver hire was the start of DRA Fabb, and is something that has never left out side. Why spend the time looking for a Hire Tractor and a driver when you can get both from one company. We offer experienced drivers with Certificates of compentence in Tractor Driving and CSCS card for site work. We have a wide range of flat trailers, tipping trailers, tractors, tractors with loader, JCB loaders and flail mowers. We have a large range of attachments for our loaders including muck grabs, buckets, and spikes

All our Machines are regularly maintained, they are inspected prior to leaving our yard, and thereafter every 6 weeks.

Our modern John Deere Tractors offer excellent reliability and driver comfort.

Please also take a look at our Hay and Straw Page. We are always buying straw in the swath in Cambridgeshire, Befordshire and Norfolk. We offer a service based on reliabilty and a good reputation.  We also offer contract baling, chasing and Haulage. Straw can also be stacked and Sheeted if required.

If you have any questions please feel fee to contact us, we will be pleased to Help

tractor hire cambridgeshire
Tractor Hire Cambridgeshire

Hay and Straw – Staying Green

Dan Fabb has just launched a new website. The hay and straw contractor who works in all aspects of farming and events has just launched The helpful website is a one stop information center of all the services Dan Fabb provides the farming and event industry.

While dealing in hay and straw Dan Fabb has always had one very important and topical issue at the forefront of his mind; staying green! Dan’s farm clearly evokes the message that they are energy conscious. The farm is now entirely self sufficient with solar panels and a wind turbine.

hay and straw

Energy efficient DRA Fabb.

Hay and Straw, agricultural solutions and more.

DRA Fabb provide the farming industry with hay and straw services. They offer a wide range of hay and straw products and sizes. They also offer plenty of agricultural solutions including, baling services, tractor hire, tractor and driver hire or just driver hire, haulage services with their specialty being with machinery, hay and straw. Dan also offers a series of smaller hay and straw options at his website DRA Fabb also farm a pedigree Hereford suckler herd of cows as well as farming pigs. The photo below of Snowdrop the pedigree Hereford has become very popular. We can’t imagine why?

hay and straw

Snowdrop the Pedigree Hereford.

Helpful and Green, this is our team.

If you would like to find out more about Dan Fabb and his farm you you can head to or alternatively you can call Dan and his team on 01487 822224. The helpful and experienced team at DRA Fabb are always on hand to offer agricultural advice on any matters. If you would like further advice on how you could improve the energy efficiency of your farm, there is plenty to learn from Dan Fabb at his farm.